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Khachapuri Imeruli

Another signature dish is khachapuri.

Khachapuri imeruli. Add fresh corn egg milk corn flour sugar and salt in a blender and blend until a thick paste form. A cheese filled bread which more resembles cheese pie. Il piu famoso khachapuri e chiamato imeruli khachapuri imeruli khachapuri proveniente dalla provincia di imereti dal quale prende nome. It comes several different varieties.

Some us greek yogurt others use cottage cheese some combine other cheeses like parmesan gouda andor ricotta with the feta. As we researched this dish we found that every cook makes their filling differently. Often circular similar to lobiani. These are the most common and often come with every meal just filled with imeruli aka cooking cheese.

Altre famose varieta sono lacharuli il megruli e nella regione dell abcasia lachma khachapuri achma khachapuri. First republic lasted only two years before invading soviet russian army and then became soviet socialist republic.