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Musty Baby Armpits

If your babys smelly armpits look raw or are bleeding visit a.

Musty baby armpits. Apply lemon juice on their armpits pouring some small amount of lemon juice on cotton ball and dabbing it on your childs armpits also helps himher to get rid of pungent body odors. If your toddler has armpit odor talk to her pediatrician. Now i dont know what to do. If left untreated babies may develop neurological dysfunction and other neurological problems such as seizures.

It could be a touch of thrush as well if it looks a little pinkish in the crease or creamy where the skin is rubbing. Most of the time its totally normal for your babys body to have odors some pleasant and some not. Toddlers and small children usually do not experience armpit odor. Untreated pku can cause major health and developmental problems.

I put powder under there but the fact that her underarms are smelly. Youre probably familiar with that characteristic baby smell. Milky might be a good description for it says lynnette mazur a professor of pediatrics at the. Musty odor phenylketonuria pku is a congenital metabolic disorder that causes your babys body to emit a musty odor.

Malodorous menu children who consume smelly foods such as garlic onions or curry may develop body odor when these strong smelling foods seep through their pores. Body odor typically does not occur until a child begins puberty which is considered early if it happens before a child reaches 8 years old. Commonly known as body odor bo and technically as bromhidrosis malodorous armpits. If your baby smells musty and tested positive for phenylketonuria a doctor will need to be involved with treatment.

Smelly armpits may make you self conscious even though this is a problem most people have dealt with before. Make a game of drying his armpits after a bath or shower. I believe it all started when my older girls allowed her to put deodorant on of course without me knowing. In some cases the hormones used in milk may contribute to an unpleasant underarm smell.

If you dont dry your little babys armpits really really well this can happen. But body odor in places such as the armpits in your toddler could be a probable signal of an underlying illness.