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Singapore Sling Cocktail

5 out of 5.

Singapore sling cocktail. It was created by a hainanese bartender by the name of ngiam tong boon who worked at raffles hotels long bar. Its also ripe for experimentation. At its best the singapore sling is nuanced complex and ingredient heavy. Variations of the classic singapore sling abound but mix up one of these potent and sweet cocktails with this recipe and youll be pleased with the results.

Singapore sling iba official cocktail type mixed drink primary alcohol by volume gin served straight up. 1 dash angostura bitters 13. The singapore sling original version is a legendary cocktail recipe made with gin cointreau benedictine cherry heering and pineapple juice. 1915 im raffles hotel in singapore zum ersten mal serviert und damals wie heute ein grossartiger drink.

Nearly every singapore sling recipe is different and few agree on the formula or ingredients of this famous cocktailwhile many claim to be the original raffles version that recipe was apparently lost in the 1930s. Without ice standard garnish maraschino cherry pineapple standard drinkware hurricane glass iba specified ingredients 3 cl gin 15 cl cherry liqueur cherry brandy. Wir zeigen euch heute unsere version des singapore sl. Heres how you can mix the drink.

To some extent each version follows the gin sling formula of gin citrus sweetener and soda. It was first known as a gin sling before the newer name. The singapore sling is a classic gin cocktail thats known for being refreshing and fruitybut the official recipe is a matter of debate. Singapore sling save recipe print singapore sling by miriam nice rating.

It is fruity herbaceous and tastes like paradise. 4 your health this link opens in a new tab all people quilt this link opens in a new tab better homes. There are only a few things we know for sure about the original singapore sling. As such most.

The singapore sling is a classic cocktail that originated at the long bar at the raffles hotel. First that it was created in the early 1900s at the. A singapore sling is a gin based cocktail which has been around for more than a century.