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Slow Cooked Beef Shin

Beef shin is a much underused cut yet it has fantastic flavour when slow cookedin this fragrant beef recipe alyn williams cooks it for 8 hours in a braising liquor resulting in a tender melt in the mouth texture when served.

Slow cooked beef shin. This delicious and extremely economical dish is a variation of slow cooked shin of beef that i tested for use in a slow cooker with a mind to the fact that most people use a slow cooker so that the meal can be ready on their return from work. This hearty spicy beef shin curry is absolutely delicious and easy to make. Great served over mashed potatoes or rice and it has a brilliant kick. Gordon shows you how to slow cook beef shin utilising the marrow to make delicious gravy.

Slow roast shin of beef with beer or ale. Fry the onions in the oil untill lightly brown then add the mushrooms and garlic get a little colour on the mushrooms. Adding just a few simple ingredients creates an incredibly fresh a. It doesnt look great but all of that unattractive sinew and connective tissue will melt away in the slow cooker.

You should be able to buy or order a whole beef shin on the bone from a good butcher. This does two things it means that the beef literally falls apart once cooked and it adds a gelatinous. I prefer to make this shin of beef curry in the slow cooker but it can also be made on the hob. That being said it really packs a lovely deep rich flavour and when cooked low and slow really can be melt in the mouth tender.

Beef shin contains a lot of connective tissue as its a well worked muscle during the animals life and thus can be tough if its not cooked correctly. Cook for 4 hours. Prepare the beef up to the end of its cooking cool then keep in the fridge for up to 48 hours. Shin can be bought on or off the bone whole in slices or diced all of which are suited to slow cooking.

If bought in thick slices with the bone running through the middle its a good. Reheat at 1600c 1400c fangas 3 for 30 40 minutes covered in foil until piping hot. That means that unless.